E-470 Billing Nightmare Leaves Driver Fighting Mad

Toll Road Officials Admit to 'Error'

An Aurora woman thought driving E-470 would save time, but now debt collectors are contacting her, claiming she owes toll money that she said she has already paid.

When E-470 closed its toll baskets and ramp collection points to start license plate billing, Jessica Kruckeberg liked getting statements in the mail after trips to the airport.

"I actually thought it was more convenient, and I started using the toll road more," said Kruckeberg.

But in June, she got a bill with a late fee she was certain she didn't owe.

"This is the cleared check," she said, holding up a copy of the check.

She contacted E-470 and showed them proof she had paid.

She showed 7NEWS the letter confirming her check was in fact, "received on time, but was posted late due to Memorial Day weekend."

Kruckeberg thought it was taken care of until she got a legal notice from a debt collector.

After she called to complain, she received another letter from the same agent stating they had not received the payment.

"It seems like the response is, 'Are you sure you're not the one who is the problem?' And no, I'm not," said Kruckeberg.

She said repeated phone calls resolved nothing, and that she was told now that she's in collections, E-470 won't bill her for tolls she legitimately owes.

"It's stressful. I have a family. I work full time. I am a graduate student," said Kruckeberg. "This is the last thing I need to worry about, doing somebody else's job at E-470."

7NEWS received dozens of complaints last year about E-470 billing troubles, and officials later changed billing practiced and provided fee amnesty periods.

An E-470 spokesman said they are investigating Kruckeberg's case and that they did make some kind of error and are now trying to deal with the situation.

However, he said, it is not related to last year's billing issues. He said that the number of monthly phone calls and complaints are down 30 percent from the same period last year.

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