DU Fraternity Offering Protective Escorts For Women

Theta Chi Fraternity Safe Walk On Call 24 Hours Per Day

A fraternity at the University of Denver is offering to escort female students within a one-mile radius of campus.

"I'll be down any time I get a text. I'm willing to walk a girl around campus," Junior Nathan Dewy said.

Dewey is part of Theta Chi, the fraternity offering safe walks near campus. He said the idea came in response to repeated unwanted sexual advances toward single women.

"It's become enough of an issue where you don't want to be walking around alone at night. You want to have someone walking with you to protect you," Dewy said.

The safe walk program is new, but the fraternity is already receiving requests. The program is set up so one person in the fraternity receives the information, then goes on the walk or passes the request to another Theta Chi volunteer.

"There are enough of us to where if a girl does need walking, at least one of us will be able to help her out, escorting her around campus," Dewy said.

DU student, Andrea Wanamaker, said she has a close network of friends who look out for her safety.

"They don't let me walk alone off campus. They always if they know we're going to meet. Somebody usually comes to get me or they walk me back to my dorm so off campus I'm never alone. But some girls just don't know any guys who are that nice, and it's kind of nice to be able to have someone there any time you want," said Wanamaker.

For more information about the Theta Chi safe walk program, email chris.guthrie@du.edu

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