Driver Suffocates After Falling Into Grain-Filled Truck

Driver Falls Into Grain Pile While Making Delivery At New Belgium Brewing

A truck driver was buried by grain Wednesday morning after he fell into a pile of malted barley being delivered to New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Poudre fire officials said.

Several witnesses rushed to pull the driver out of the malted barley after he became immersed, New Belgium spokesman Bryan Simpson told officials. Witnesses continued to dump the grain until they were able to see the driver's arm, Simpson said.

The driver was eventually pulled through the chute of the truck but was not breathing, so workers began performing CPR.

Fire officials continued CPR and immediately took the man to Poudre Valley Hospital.

His condition was unknown Wednesday night.

Fire officials said the type of truck being used was commonly used to haul grain-type products and can weigh more than 50,000 pounds when fully loaded. Officials said they believe most of the grain had been unloaded by the time the driver fell in.

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