Driver Gets Speeding Ticket Just To Flip Off Photo-Radar Camera

Man Hates Photo Radar, Says He Won't Pay Ticket

A motorist so hates Denver's photo-radar vans that he got a speeding ticket just to flip off the camera.

The motorist, identified only as Dan, emailed Westword a copy of his speeding ticket and the automated photo, which the magazine published with Dan's personal information redacted.

A self-described "flaming liberal," Dan said he hates the photo-radar vans and has been lobbying his state senator to do something about them.

His message to the city was more graphic.

Dan said he "deliberately sped through a photo radar with my middle finger extended," Westword reported.

Dan said he was surprised that the people who operate the program bothered to mail him the ticket for speeding 43 mph in a 30 mph zone.

"I'm sort of curious why the city thinks I'm dumb enough to pay this ticket, since I'm expressing my feelings on the matter pretty clearly," he wrote the magazine.

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