Driver Found Guilty Of Murder In Road-Rage Case

Reynolds Will Be Sentenced To Life In Prison

An Arapahoe County jury has found a man guilty on all counts in the state's first road-rage case in which a driver is charged with first-degree murder.

The unprecedented verdict was read at 3 p.m., after the victims' families arrived in the courtroom.

After five hours of deliberations, the jury said Jason Benjamin Reynolds, 33, was guilty on all six counts, including two charges of first-degree murder with extreme indifference, two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts of careless driving resulting in death.

The convictions on the first-degree murder charge carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possiblity of parole. That sentence will be handed down April 16.

On Nov. 8, 2005, Reynolds pulled in front of another vehicle on E-470 and slammed on his brakes, triggering a crash that resulted in the deaths of two other drivers -- Kelvin Norman and Greg Boss.

Prosecutors said when Reynolds passed Norman's Toyota 4-Runner, cut him off and then slammed on his brakes at 75 mph, Norman was forced to make a sudden left turn and swerve into oncoming traffic and on to Boss' vehicle.

Both Norman and Boss were killed instantly.

Prosecutors argued that Reynolds had absolute disregard for human life and the jury agreed.

The verdict brought a sense of bittersweet relief to Norman's widow and Boss' girlfriend.

"I think it's a great decision but it's a hard, it's a hard day. But a good day. It's just hard because my husband is not here," said Jeanne Norman. "But you know what, no is going to have to, hopefully, go through what the Boss family and our family have gone through."

"Like Jeanne, I truly have mixed feelings. I was grateful for the justice but it doesn't bring Greg back. So I have live without him for the rest of our lives," said Mary LaFrance, crying.

Families said they hope the verdict sends a strong message about the dangers of road rage.

"On Nov. 8, 2005, Jason Reynolds told a tow truck driver that the victim got what he deserved and what he had coming. Today an Arapahoe County jury, after considering the evidence, gave Jason Reynolds what they thought he deserved," said district attorney Daniel Plattner, one of the prosecutors in the case.

The charge of murder has never been brought in a road rage case in the state before, but prosecutors said the charge and the verdict were just.

"Being angry behind the wheel of a car is a very bad combination, and I think today there's been a message that that can be first-degree murder," said Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers.

"When you're behind the wheel of a car, it's as if you're holding a weapon. You have to think about what you're doing. It's like waving a revolver except it's much more deadly," LaFrance said.

During her closing statement, prosecutor Karen Pearson argued that the crash was not a mistake, not an accident.

"They died because of the defendant's actions," Pearson said. "He killed them because of his driving conduct (and) his absolute disregard for human life."

During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Reynolds had driven recklessly and aggressively before. Three other drivers who had encountered Reynolds on E-470 testified that he was "dangerous" on the road and used his vehicle as a weapon.

Reynolds blames his boots for accidentally jamming the brake pedal and had pleaded not guilty. His attorney blamed Norman for the crash, saying Norman crashed into the side of Reynolds' car and that there was no physical evidence that Reynolds actually caused the crash.

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