DPD Police Chief Demotes Chief Candidate

Division Chief Tracie Keesee Busted To Captain

Denver's new police chief has demoted a division chief who was favored by officers as the person who should have gotten his job.

Chief Robert White would not discuss Tuesday's demotion of Division Chief Tracie Keesee to captain.

He felt it was in the best interest of the department to make these moves when he did," Lt. Matt Murray said of White's decision.

Four other personnel changes were made in addition to Keesee's demotion, Murray said. Some of the moves were lateral and not demotions.

The personnel changes are unrelated to an internal investigation under way into the way a state representative's traffic stop was recently handled, Murray said.

CALL7 Investigators confirmed through a highly-ranked department source that Keessee's demotion and the transfer of Lt. Vince Porter, who worked in Deputy Chief John Lamb's office, were the result of their "association" with a letter that circulated in the department, parts of which were published by The Denver Post.

The anonymous letter criticized White for not bringing needed change to the department and accused him of accepting free tickets to a Broncos game from the commander in charge of running off-duty police work for Broncos games in return for swaying his decision-making.

White denied the accusation in the letter. Murray said the chief was given two skybox seats by a local businessman and attended the Dec. 11 Broncos football game against the Chicago Bears.

The free tickets fall within the guidelines laid down by Denver's code of ethics. City officials can accept up to four free tickets from a donor each year when the city official is in a position to take direct official action regarding the donor.

White and Keesee were among 61 candidates interviewed for the job of Denver police chief last year.

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