Dog Wars App On Android Phones Causes Outrage

Animal Rights Groups Want Google To Pull App

A free game app where players can engage in a dog fight has some animal rights groups outraged.

"This really doesn't play out like a game. It's more of a how to manual on dog fighting," said Holly Tarry, state director for Humane Society of the United States.

Tarry said dog fighting is cruel and it's disappointing to see someone creating a game like this.

In Dog Wars, which you can install for free on Android phones, the player can train the dog to bite and even allow it to pull tires to build strength. It also gives options that includes shock collars and steroids for dogs.

"It's got feeding and conditioning schedules that really mirrors what we find when we do dog fighting bust," said Tarry.

While disturbing for some, others said Google, the parent company behind Androids, and the creators of Dog Wars, have their rights.

'"The inventors of the game have their First Amendment speech rights to make the game and distribute it any way they want, and any company can help them distribute it. Those who criticize the game have the same right to urge Google not to distribute it," said David Kopel, with the Independence Institute.

That's what many animal rights supporters did. They started a Facebook page called "Say No To Dog Wars" to gain support against the app.

7NEWS contacted, the creators of the game. In an email, they said, "We cannot reveal much about ourselves for fear of our safety as well as our families right now. We have received real and extremely violent threats from animal activists."

They also said that the game is in the early stages and they're not finished yet. The creators said their idea was to help bring awareness to real dogs in need.

7NEWS tried to contact Google but we have not received a response.

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