Dog Owner Won't Be Charged For Shooting Mountain Lion

A Wisconsin man who shot and killed a mountain lion that was attacking his dog will not be charged, the Division of Wildlife announced Thursday.

Officials determined that Jeremy Kocar was acting in self-defense when he shot the mountain lion just outside his temporary home, near Gross Reservoir, earlier this week.

Kocar could have been charged with an illegal take, and could have faced a fine of $1,400. State law allows people to shoot a mountain lion if their personal safety or livestock are threatened -- but officials said they didn't know if that would extend to dogs.

Kocar and his wife, Angela, said that they heard a growl in the middle of the night and went outside to check out what happened and came face to face with the mountain lion.

"It was standing right there under the tree branch with my dog in its mouth," said Angela Kocar.

Jeremy tried to scare the mountain lion away but it didn't budge so he ran inside, grabbed his rifle and that's when the mountain lion approached him, he said.

Wildlife advocates were upset that Kocar shot the mountain lion.

The DOW said that pet owners who are going to live in lion country need to be a responsible and put their pets away, or inside at night.

Jeremy and his wife said they will never leave their dogs outside alone again.

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