Doctors Refuse To See Unvaccinated Children

Parents Against Vaccines Upset

Some Colorado doctors are refusing to see patients who have not been vaccinated, pointing to recent whooping cough outbreaks in California and a woman with measles reported on a flight to Denver.

But some families say it isn't right.

Jennifer and Ronnie Prine, of Littleton, aren't vaccinating their 11-year-old daughter because of what they said happened to their son.

"He was born perfectly normal, He was about seven months when he got his DPT vaccine," said Jennifer Prine. "About 14 days after that, he started having seizures. And the regression just continued until he's where he is now. He's 20 and at about 6-month level."

But more and more doctors across the nation won't see children who haven't been vaccinated.

Dr. Andrew Lieber, with Rose Pediatrics, made the decision after children who hadn't been vaccinated came into his waiting room with chicken pox and whooping cough.

"So, a child under 1 who gets exposed to chicken pox in our waiting room, that could pose a very big danger," said Lieber.

While Colorado hasn't seen the outbreaks other states have, state health officials said they do continue to see preventable diseases cropping up in kids here.

Still, the Prines said it should be their choice whether to vaccinate, not their doctor's. "Come to my house. Watch the seizures every day, and you make the choice because when it comes right down to it no doctor will help you take care of that child," said Prine.

About 5 percent of children in Colorado have a documented exemption in order not to be vaccinated.

Many parents haven't given their children vaccinations because of the once-reported link to autism; which has since been widely discredited.

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