Disabled Man Attacked Over Handicapped Parking Spot

Dispute Erupts In Gunther Toody’s Parking Lot

A disabled grandfather was sent to the hospital after he was attacked when he confronted someone who parked in a handicapped spot late last week.

“I said, 'You guys walk better than I do.' I said, 'I'm in a wheelchair,'" Al Martinez told the two men. "They were walking fine. That's why I made the remark.”

Martinez said he was in his truck waiting for a parking spot at the Gunther Toody's restaurant in Northglenn when he noticed two men who weren't disabled heading toward a handicapped space.

Seconds after his remark he was rushed and beaten.

"All of a sudden, he opened up my door. That's when he hit me in the eye," said Martinez. "I bet it didn't last no more than a minute and a half or so," said Martinez.

Martinez said he was not only bruised, and required stitches to his face but his hearing aid was also damaged.

"It sickened me, especially because these guys are older, they know what they were doing," said Martinez's grandson, Isaiah Martinez.

Northglenn police said they are still looking for clues that could lead to an arrest in this case. Investigators believe the men were regulars at the restaurant.