DIA To End Smoking Indoors

Smoking Lounges To Transition To Other Venues

The nation's fifth largest airport is planning to go smoke-free.

Denver International Airport will phase out smoking lounges and ban smoking indoors by 2018.

Right now, travelers can smoke in lounges in each of the A, B and C concourses and the main terminal.

The C concourse will still have a smoking lounge because the owner's lease will not expire until 2018. The airport plans to honor the lease, said a spokesperson.

All other smoking lounges will transition to other venues.

“I am committed to public health and the safety of everyone who visits, lives in or conducts business in our great city,” said Mayor Hancock. “DIA is the last public building in Colorado where indoor smoking lounges are still in operation. While they are legally allowed, we believe the responsible decision is to eliminate these facilities in order to better protect the well-being of everyone who uses the airport.”

An airport spokeswoman said the City Council will vote next week on changes to lease agreements with owners of the smoking lounges.

“We are grateful to our concession partners at DIA for being so supportive of this initiative,” said Aviation Manager Kim Day. “Eliminating smoking lounges is a positive step for our airport."

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