DIA One Of Only Two U.S. Airports On Most Beautiful Airports List

Asian Airports Dominate 13 Best List

When Travel + Leisure magazine released its survey of the most beautiful airports, it only included two U.S. airports, DIA and a terminal at Kennedy Airport in New York City.

The January edition of the magazine listed the 13 most beautiful airports:

  • Terminal 3, Beijing International Airport, China
  • Terminal 4, Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain
  • TWA Terminal, John F. Kennedy Airport, New York City, USA
  • Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Sondika Airport, Bilbao, Spain
  • Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea
  • Marrakech Menara Airport, Morocco
  • Chek Lap Kok (Hong Kong International) Airport, Hong Kong
  • Tempelhof International Airport, Berlin, Germany
  • Malvinas Argentinas Airport, Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The Independent said Hong Kong International Airport was praised for its "billowing roofs," and Kansai International Airport at Osaka is described as a "thing of wonder."

    DIA's white fabric roof was called breathtaking when silhouetted against the Rocky Mountains.

    Interestingly, Berlin's Templehof International Airport closed in 2008.