Deputies: 'There Is No Poop Fairy'

Jefferson County Kicks Off Campaign To Get Dogs Owners To Clean Up

Jefferson County is kicking off a public service campaign to remind dog owners that there is no poop fairy, and owners must clean up after their dogs.

From July 9 to 17, Animal Control will be out encouraging dog owners to pick up after their dogs in parks, trails and neighborhoods.

Volunteers will be wearing blue "poop fairy" T-shirts as they greet park users. There will also be signs and displays telling dog owners that the poop fairy doesn't exist.

Jefferson County Animal Control said dog poop:

  • DoesnÂ’t biodegrade like wild animal poop
  • Contains bacteria that can harm adults, children and other pets
  • Can contaminate groundwater
  • Is unpleasant to look at, smell or scrape off of your shoe

    Failure to clean up dog feces in public places is also a petty offense with a fine of at least $30 in Jefferson County.

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