Denver Spends $378,000 To Replace Parking Kiosks With Meters

Cherry Creek North Kiosks Installed In 2005

Five years ago, the city of Denver spent $589,000 to install parking kiosks in the Cherry Creek North shopping district.

This week, the city removed those kiosks and replaced them with smart meters at a cost of $589,000.

While some people question the wisdom of spending that kind of money so soon after the kiosks were installed, shopper Gwen Kleinert says that ultimately, it's worth it.

"It is in the long run for people convenience-wise, but I think it is kind of a waste of money that they keep changing it."

Times have changed. Seven years ago, you could park in the district without having to pay a fee.

Then the city installed the kiosks so shoppers could use a credit card.

Now the city is installing smart meters that accept coins or credit cards.

When asked if the expenditure was a waste of money, Daelene Mix of Denver Public Works replied, "It's not a waste of money because we're actually earmarking the funds generated from parking to pay for the kiosks to pay for the meters as well."

Some motorists asked why the smart meters were installed to begin with.

Mix said, "When we installed the kiosks we did not have the smart meter technology available. If we would have we would have installed it."

Mix said kiosks still exist in the Larimer Square area and that they too may eventually be replaced.

"We want smart meters installed citywide," she said. "We're doing it in phases."

Heather Neuroth said it's much easier to deal with meters.

"You don't have to trek up the block, pay for your parking space, then walk back to your car and put the receipt on your dashboard, so it works for me," Neuroth said.

Last year, the kiosks in Cherry Creek North generated $950,000 in revenue. Mix told 7NEWS that the smart meters will do the same.

Whether you plug the meter or walk to the kiosk, just make sure you pay.

The city said it made $730,000 dollars from people who received parking tickets in that shopping district.