Denver's Safety Manager Suspends 'Sleeper' Hold

Carotid Restraint Used On Inmate Before Death

Denver Manager of Safety Ron Perea has suspended the use of the so-called "sleeper hold" in the jail pending review of the jail's use of force policies.

Last week, the coroner's autopsy report stated that 56-year-old Marvin Booker's cause of death was cardiorespiratory arrest during restraints, which included the carotid "sleeper hold."

The hold is a compliance technique seen in videos all over the Internet, which cuts off the blood flow to the brain and can cause the person to lose consciousness in seconds.

As a result of the autopsy report's findings, Perea said he wants to review the technique.

"We will extensively review and research the current policy and suspect carotid restraint until the review is complete," Perea told 7NEWS via telephone.

He said they will look into what other departments use the technique and if there have been other cases of serious injuries as a results of it.

This is the second response Perea has issued to recent controversial cases.

Last week, he reopened a controversial internal investigation into police brutality during an arrest caught on tape.

He said it was because new witnesses came forward.