Denver Officer Struck By Car During Traffic Stop

Driver Arrested, Investigated For Driving Under Influence

A Denver police officer was rushed to the hospital early Monday after being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop.

The stop was at Tremont Place and West Colfax Avenue around 1:15 a.m.

Officers say a pickup truck ran into one of the police vehicles at the scene, pinning the officer between a police vehicle and the stopped vehicle.

Officer Angela Simon landed in front of the stopped vehicle. Police say Simon was hospitalized in serious condition, with injuries to her mid-to-lower body.

7NEWS counted at least 15 police cars outside Denver Health Medical Center shortly after the officer was rushed to the emergency room.

A tweet from the Denver Police Department Twitter account read: " Offcr hit by car during traffic stop at Colfax and Tremont. Xported to hospital in serious cndtn. Driver arrested."

Officers say the 22-year-old pickup driver is being held for investigation into possible charges, which could include driving under the influence.

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