Denny's employee fights off would-be robber, gives police description that leads to arrest

Police arrest suspect near 44th St, Polk Ave

SAN DIEGO - A man who fought with a server while attempting to rob a Denny's restaurant in Fairmount Village early Tuesday was arrested nearby a short time later, police said.

The man entered the 24-hour restaurant at 4365 University Ave. around 2:20 a.m. and simulated having a handgun as he demanded cash from the server, according to San Diego police officer David Stafford.

The server told the would-be robber he could not get the cash register open, prompting the man to push the server, Stafford said in a statement. The server pushed back and a fight ensued, he said, adding that the would-be robber eventually fled empty-handed.

Server Willise Chun said he wasn't afraid fighting the suspect because he was focused on protecting the half-dozen customers inside the restaurant. He was especially concerned for the women.

"When I see a woman in danger, I protect them because I have a daughter, so if anything were to happen to her, I would feel bad, so I look at every other woman just as I look at my daughter," said Chun.

Armed with a description of the suspect, a police officer found the man in the area of 44th Street and Polk Avenue and arrested him on suspicion of attempted robbery. His name was not immediately released.

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