Deer Shot In Face By Arrow

Animal Spotted In Teller County

The Division of Wildlife wants to know who shot a deer that was spotted with an arrow protruding out of its face in Teller County.

Howard Melching said he spotted the deer in his back yard in Florissant first on Christmas Eve and then the day after Christmas. Melching said there is a herd of deer that forages in his neighborhood frequently.

The deer has an arrow lodged just above its eye. The Colorado Division of Wildlife officials said the animal was hurt in what appears to be an attempted poaching case.

"My problem is it is an aluminum arrow," Melching said. "It is not going to go away or break. If he was to be spooked by something and go through some brush, I think it would snag on it."

Melching said it was a target practice arrow, lacking the broad, barbed arrowhead that hunting arrows possess.

"It is not something somebody would normally hunt with," he said.

The Melchings have distributed flyers in the area looking for any information pertaining to the deer being shot.

Coincidentally, last Christmas, another deer was spotted in Kiowa, about 50 miles away, with a hunting arrow running from its nose through its throat and neck. A homeowner snapped photos of it and notified the DOW.

Agents found the injured doe four days later and euthanized it. Officials said the wound had become infected.