Deep Freeze Has Shelters Squeezing In Extra Beds

4-Degree Low Predicted Tonight

Homeless shelters are squeezing in more people to protect them from below-freezing temperatures.

Across Colorado, wind chills were as cold as 40 to 50 below zero Saturday morning, as 2011 got off to a brutally cold start. Denver's lows were near 0 degrees with wind chills as cold as 10 to 20 below zero Saturday morning.

Denver's Road Home project has an emergency plan that opens an overflow shelter whenever adverse weather poses a health risk for those living, The Denver Post reported Saturday.

The Road Home emergency plan, which kicked in Friday night, boosted the number of beds, cots and mats to 1,300, the newspaper reported.

Anyone who can't find a place to stay after shelters are filled is offered a motel voucher, The Post reported.

Shelter space was stretched to the limit.

"We're limited in our resources. There's not an extra room we can open up," Andrew Spinks, development director at the St. Francis Center day shelter in Denver, told The Post. "Things are more complicated. It's just one of our more difficult days."