Dead Psychic's Sketch Of JonBenet Killer Revisited

Same Psychic Helped Colorado Authorities In Hunt For Accused Serial Killer

Psychic Dorothy Allison believed she knew what JonBenet's killer looked like and provided a sketch to the Ramsey family, based on her visions.

The Ramsey family Web site published the sketch, asking the public, "Have you seen this man? This man may have been in the Boulder area in December 1996."

The sketch was also given to Boulder police, who continued to insist that nobody outside the family was likely involved in the crime.

Comparing the sketch side-by-side with that of a picture of suspect John Karr appears to show remarkable resemblance.

Allison originally came up with the sketch during a 1998 appearance on the nationally syndicated Leeza Gibbons Show. Allison died a year later.

The Ramsey family Web site at was used to publish press releases as well as ads and flyers the Ramseys sent out in search for their daughter's killer in the spring and fall of 1997. One of the flyers contained the sketch given by Allison. The Ramsey family let the domain name of the Web site expire in 2004.

Four years before JonBenet's death, Allison assisted El Paso County investigators in the investigation of the slaying of Heather Dawn Church.

"She was very keen on children. That's what she used to go out for, children," said Allison's husband Bob Allison. "She'd like to go after killers of children."

''In 30 years, I've never had accurate information from a psychic,'' a veteran law enforcement officer told The Denver Post in 1995. ''But the information by Dorothy Allison was right on the money.''

In an interview from August of 1992, Allison said, "I keep seeing the man that took her. I keep seeing he had a problem. This much I can reveal to you. I know he had trouble with his hip and leg, and I'd like to kick the other one so he can't walk at all."

Robert Browne was later arrested and convicted in the killing of Church. Last month he admitted killing as many as 49 people across the United States.

In another strange twist in the Ramsey case, the man who originally arrested Browne in the Church slaying joined the investigation team looking into the slaying of JonBenet. Lou Schmidt said he always believed an intruder was responsible for the crime.

"She shouldn't have passed away. She would've been helping it right now," said Bob.

Bob said his wife kept copious notes about the Ramsey murder.

"She said that the killer crawled in through the cellar, went in through the window, upstairs and grabbed Jon Benet and that's all she would say to me," said Bob.

Bob said his wife would be joyous to see this case unfold.

Bob read from one of Allison's notes: "'This man went unnoticed in the house. The Ramsey's are not responsible for the death of the child. This is my true and honest belief.' She had written this March 21, 1998 at 8:20am."

Bob said authorities would come to Allison asking for help in many cases. But, he said, in the Ramsey case, Boulder police didn't contact her.

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