Daniels Fund Offers Half-Million To Defend School Vouchers

Douglas County Schools Barred From Implementing Voucher Program

The Daniels Fund is helping the Douglas County School District fight for its student voucher program.

The foundation has offered to give more than a half-million dollars to the school district's legal fund to defend the use of school vouchers.

Earlier this month a judge granted an injunction -- blocking the voucher program.

Many parents who applied for the program and Douglas County Schools are now fighting to get that injunction lifted.

Earlier this month a judge ruled the district's program unconstitutional because taxpayer money was being spent at private, religious schools.

"Great Choice Douglas County is very pleased that Daniels Fund has stepped up to help our district and school board defend the Choice Scholarship Program. We support educational choice in all forms and the right of families to determine the best education for their child," Great Choice Douglas County said in a news release. "We believe it will be eventually upheld by the courts, and when that happens, it will reverberate throughout the state and the nation. "

Great Choice Douglas County is a nonprofit organization that support education choices in all forms, including charters, home school, vouchers and online school.

The Daniels Fund has given the school district $330,000 to pay for legal fees and offered a $200,000 matching grant.

According to the Daniels Fund website, "Bill Daniels had a strong conviction that all kids deserve a great education. His trust in the free market system made him a firm believer in competition and alternative approaches, particularly those that provide high-quality choices. The Daniels Fund honors his vision through its support of K-12 educational reform initiatives such as charter schools, portable vouchers for tuition assistance, and significant innovations that challenge the status quo."

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