Cyclist Dies After Hit-And-Run Crash

Victim Hit, Cycle Dragged Away From Speer And Lincoln

A cyclist who was struck by a hit-and-run driver has died.

Dan Peterson, 30, was riding at Speer Boulevard and Lincoln Street at 2:20 a.m. on Sunday when he was hit, said Denver police.

Family members tell 7NEWS, Peterson was biking home from a friend's birthday party in the Washington Park neighborhood.

"He flew from the bicycle and then the car, which was a green Subaru hatchback, potentially had a bike rack on it, drove a block or two before a white male passenger got out of the car and picked up Dan's bike and put it in the car," said Matt Peterson, Dan's brother. "We do know that the driver of the car was a white female with shoulder-length hair."

Peterson suffered a fractured skull and traumatic brain injuries as a result of the crash.

"He was at the hospital within five minutes and the neurosurgeon said immediately, there was pretty much nothing they could do," Matt Peterson said.

Dan Peterson passed away Sunday with family members at his bedside.

"There was a sense of peace," Gast said. "There were some tears that rolled out of Dan's eyes when we spoke of certain things or said certain things, and I know he knew we were there. That brings great joy to all of us."

Peterson's decision to become an organ donor is also helping his family cope with this tragic death.

"We just keep telling ourselves there is a happy family right now who is getting a new heart for a loved one, or lungs or any type of organ," Matt Peterson said.

"This couldn't have happened to a more genuine and kind human being - an absolute tragedy," said Nathan Payant, Peterson's cousin.

Denver police confirm the bicycle was dragged away from the scene by someone driving a green or dark-colored Subaru hatchback. Neither the vehicle nor the bicycle has been found.

The Subaru likely has damage to the front end and a fractured windshield, police said.

"We are just hoping that people see a car like that and call it in," Matt Peterson said. "We're just hoping to bring some closure to this."

"We are a large family with a lot of love and a lot of forgiveness, but we need to know what happened to our Dan," Gast said.

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