CU Warning Students After Hill Burglaries Up 140%

Theft Increasing In Student-Dense Neighborhood

The University of Colorado is urging students to be more cautious about locking their doors and keeping valuables locked away after new information shows that burglaries are increasing on University Hill.

The Hill, as students call it, is one the most popular neighborhood for students at the CU campus.

According to the Daily Camera, there were 29 burglaries in February, compared with just a dozen the year before.

In most cases, burglars simply walked through unlocked doors or windows. Would-be thieves have even entered homes when residents were there saying they were drunk and looking for a bathroom if they got caught.

"A lot of the Hill residents haven't been locking their doors," Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel told the Camera. "Any time you leave your door unlocked, you're inviting criminals into your home. Criminals are looking for opportunities to get in and get out quickly, so if you're leaving your MacBook Pro out on the table and the sliding glass door unlocked, you're inviting criminals into your home."

Across the city, however, burglaries have gone down, police reported.

CU senior Matthew Morrison, said he lives near 11th Street and College Avenue and lost a $800 laptop when he left his door unlocked.

He said some of his neighbors have also been robbed. In one incident, the burglar told a story about how he was looking for a friend when confronted by the homeowner.

"They're pulling some sketchy maneuvers," Morrison said.

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