CU Reviewing Its Handling Of James Holmes' Case

Review Will Look If University Staff Followed Procedures With Graduate Student

The University of Colorado has launched an internal review of how its staff handled Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes prior to the mass killing on July 20.

Weeks before the shooting, Holmes withdrew as a neuroscience graduate student at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, where he was the patient of a CU psychiatrist.

The university review is being conducted by Robert Miller, former U.S. Attorney for Colorado.

The review was announced after a CALL7 Investigation revealed Dr. Lynne Fenton, who was treating Holmes, was so concerned about his behavior that she notified other members of CU’s Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment, or BETA team.

But sources familiar with the investigation told CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that officials at the University of Colorado never contacted Aurora police with Fenton’s concerns before the July 20 killings.

Sources said when Holmes withdrew, the BETA team “had no control over him" and ended its review, when Holmes dropped out of school on June 10.

Chancellor Donald Elliman said the school is committed to evaluating every step in the process to ensure it worked.

“We want the community -- especially the loved ones of those who lost their lives and the individuals injured in this senseless tragedy -- to know our resolve rests with understanding all the facts so we can assist law enforcement and other authorities in ensuring that justice prevails,” Elliman said in a written statement.

University officals said there is no timeline for the competition of the review, but it could take some time.

CALL7 Investigators found Miller has close ties to the university. He’s graduated from CU Law School in1965 and according to his website, he won a $58 million verdict for the university in 2003 in a patented lawsuit against a major pharmaceutical company.

Meanwhile, sources familiar with the criminal investigation tell CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that Fenton and other key witnesses at CU have not been interviewed by police. There is a question of privileged information due to Fenton's doctor-patient relationship with Holmes. Anyone involved with Holmes' care can also claim the privilege. Sources say this issue is likely to be decided by the judge in case.

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