Thieves targeting parks, lots for car break-ins around Denver

Signs warning car owners around Denver
Posted at 4:14 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 19:29:31-04

DENVER -- As the weather in Colorado heats up for the summer, some people are taking extra heat for leaving valuables out in the open in their cars. More signs are popping up and moving around Denver to warn drivers and deter thieves from car break-ins.

One of the electronic signs with the message “Remove valuable items, lock your car and report suspicious activity” sits near Washington Park. Denver Police said parks and parking lots are big targets for thieves as more people head outdoors and leave belongings in their cars.

Denver7 spoke with a woman who has been a victim of car crimes twice.

"You're a victim and they don't care what they do to people,” said Annette, who did not wish to be fully identified. “They ruined my life because now I had to buy another car. I had to bite the bullet to buy a new one because the used ones were almost as much as the new ones with 60,000 plus miles on it."

Annette shared pictures with Denver7 of the damage to both her stolen car and the replacement car that was broken into.

“They took everything out of the console and threw everything everywhere. The brick was thrown through my new car window, shattered glass everywhere,” she said.

Denver Police advises car owners to leave valuables at home before you head to the park. If that's not an option, try putting them in the trunk. The front or back seats are easy targets for thieves. Also, don't hide your keys somewhere under your car. A thief watching nearby will make off with your valuables and your car, too.