Scam Alert: Group asking for donations for soldier care packages

Posted at 6:31 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-16 17:00:22-04

THORNTON, Colo. -- Marine veteran Chris Castle is always more than willing to help his fellow service men and women. He didn’t hesitate to reach for his pocket when a group with knocked on his door asking him for donations.

“They asked for a donation to help provide care packages for active duty soldiers,” said Castle.  

But when he checked his Nextdoor app, he noticed his neighbors were also suspicious about the same group who knocked on their door.

“I can't say that they were forthcoming and being misleading, but I also can't say that they were providing information willingly to make me understand what they were about,” said Chris Castle.

Denver7 found the name of the organization is registered in the state of the Utah and has good standing. However, when we called the number listed on their website, the caller said it was the wrong number.

Denver7 then on numerous occasions called the number listed on the receipts given to neighbors with no answer.

Denver7 found nothing on the website that states how the money is being used and how the soldiers are getting their care packages.

“They are playing on people's emotions,” Castle said.

Here is a link to the group’s page:

The phone number listed next to the victim’s receipt is 801-791-0895 

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