'No respect whatsoever': 71-year-old man beaten, robbed at Denver gas station

East Colfax Avenue and North Ogden Street 7-Eleven attack
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-29 20:37:56-04

DENVER — A 71-year-old man was beaten and robbed at a Denver gas station Thursday morning and left traumatized by the incident.

"I have a cut inside my mouth where one of them punched me," the man, who wanted to remain anonymous due to fear for his safety, said Friday. "I never thought it would happen to me. Never."

It was shortly before 5:30 a.m. when he stopped by the 7-Eleven on East Colfax Avenue and North Ogden Street. He just wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes, but a group nearby wanted more from him.

"I tried to fight back, but they were overpowering me," the man said.

The man says the group beat him up, went through his pockets and robbed him.

"Took my keys, stripped me of everything and then stole my car — a brand new car," the man said.

His daughter says he bought the car just a few months ago. It was the first brand-new car he's ever owned in his life.

"I feel violated and I feel abused, so to speak," the man said.

Denver Police records show there have been at least 41 crimes reported at this 7-Eleven so far this year. That includes five robberies and three aggravated assaults.

In January, two men were shot and killed in the area, and there were also several shootings at the end of June.

The 71-year-old man says he plans to never return again and is warning others to do the same.

"They’re troubled, troubled people," the man said. "That's a place that they should shut down and go, actually, 10-15 minutes out of your way to get to a safe place to buy your goods."

The man's daughter says the company that owns the GPS that's installed in the Nissan is working with Denver police to track its location.

If you witnessed the crime or have any other information that could help catch the suspect, you're urged to call the Denver Police Department at (720) 913-2000.