Inmate assaults deputy at Denver Detention Center

Posted at 12:15 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-12 11:14:39-05

DENVER — A 25-year-old inmate at the Denver Detention Center is accused of assaulting and injuring a sheriff’s deputy. 

A Denver police officer was dispatched to the detention center on Saturday morning to respond to a reported assault. The officer went up to the second floor to meet with a deputy who had been injured.

The deputy said he had told Zhanda Carey, 25, to return to his cell, but the inmate refused to do so and sat on a table instead, according to court documents.

When the deputy told Carey again to go to his cell, he stood up and aggressively walked toward the deputy. When he was 10 feet away, Carey allegedly picked up a book and threw it at the deputy, almost hitting him.

Carey then started to strike the deputy on his face, causing him to fall on his back, according to the documents. Carey got on top of the deputy and continued to hit him on his head five to seven times.

Another deputy responding to the incident was also injured running to the scene. Both were transported to a hospital and released later Saturday. 

Carey will be charged with assault, according to the Denver Sheriff’s Department.

Carey was also arrested on April 9 for assault on a peace officer while in custody and assault with bodily fluids in jail. He pleaded not guilty on Sept. 27.