Denver police investigating indecent exposure at children's play area of Cherry Creek Mall

Posted at 5:09 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 20:37:00-04

DENVER -- A mom says she was appalled to see a man exposing himself right in front of a group of kids at the Cherry Creek Mall.

"I was in shock and disgusted and honestly I was worried for my daughter and other children playing in that area."

That mother, who would like to remain anonymous, says she was taking pictures of her 18-month-old daughter in the children’s play area at the Cherry Creek Mall.

"I looked over and noticed an older man sitting by himself and when I looked over I realized that his genitals were out and it looked like he was touching himself."

She quickly took a picture of the man and grabbed her daughter. She says she went to tell security and by the time she got back, he was gone.

Denver Police were called. They tell Denver7 they are aware of the situation that happened Friday, saying they are looking into it and reviewing the surveillance video to see if the elderly man meant to expose himself.

Shelby Murry saw that picture in a closed Facebook group.

"A mom posted that picture of everything. What she saw. I knew right away it was the same guy. The one I had seen before," she said, adding she saw that same man in the play area back in October hugging a boy.

"I thought everything was fine until I saw the boy's mom come up to the boy and get him ready to leave and I didn’t see her communicate with the older gentleman at all. I thought that was really strange."

She said they told security, but just like last week, by the time they got back, he was gone.

Denver7 spoke with the mall's general manager. He says security has been increased at the play area and police will be called immediately if the man returns.