Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Help us find man seen harassing moose in Frisco

Posted at 11:19 AM, May 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-07 10:11:46-04

FRISCO, Colo. – A man who was photographed standing just feet away from a what appears to be an angry moose in the town of Frisco is now being sought by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

Officials said Saturday they’re looking for the public’s help to identify the man in the photo, after he allegedly chased the moose onto the median of the road in the area of N. 10 Mile Drive and Lakepoint Drive in the town of Frisco on Friday afternoon.

Officials said passersby were able to snap the photo of the man and what they described as “an agitated animal"

"It is very evident from the photo that the moose is angry, and the man could easily have been attacked and injured, or possibly killed," said District Wildlife Manager Elissa Slezak of Summit County. "You can clearly see that the moose's ears are pinned back and its hackles are raised. It is likely this person does not realize how much danger he put himself in, or maybe he does not care. We hope a conversation with this individual can help him understand the danger involved."

CPW officials said moose do not attack people unprovoked; however, they will defend themselves very aggressively if threatened or harassed. They added moose do not fear people and will stand their ground, giving the impression they are tolerant of a human's presence.

"I strongly advise against approaching these animals," said Slezak. "They can weigh up to 1000 pounds, can run much faster than humans and possess a strong instinct for self-preservation."

Shirlene Davis, who snapped a photo of the encounter while stopped at a stop light, echoed Slezak's warning.

"We live and recreate here in God’s country and share this beautiful place with many amazing and stunning creatures," Davis said. "This is important to remember that if you choose to come here, to bring your common sense with you. Please, if you must stop, photograph and admire the four-legged locals, just please remember to give them lots of distance and respect!"

Slezak said the man in the photo will likely be cited for harassment of wildlife if he is identified, but the bigger concern is making sure he does not repeat the behavior.

Anyone with information can remain anonymous by calling Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648. Rewards are available if the information leads to an arrest or citation.