Chemotherapy patient robbed of purse, medication and $500 at King Soopers in Aurora

Posted at 8:00 PM, Aug 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-14 01:25:12-04

DENVER — A routine day of buying groceries in Aurora recently appeared to come with a "helping hand" for a 60-year-old Leukopenia patient.

"I'm used to a lot of people around Colorado being so kind and helpful, trying to help you all the time," Kai said.

Monday morning seemed no different at the King Soopers grocery store off of Mississippi Avenue and Havana Street in Aurora.

"I opened up the car door and turn around and here's this guy smiling at me ... holding my King Soopers bag," she said.

Kai, who did not wished to be identified by her full name, thought it was a kind gesture — another day of someone helping her with her bags she thought. After all, she's used to it.

In addition to undergoing chemotherapy, her chronic blood disease has always made getting around difficult. Injuring her neck and fracturing her ribs in February doesn't make that any easier, so help doesn't come at a surprise when it's there. Except this time was different.

"I turn around again and he vanished [with my purse]," Kai said.

Her medical cards, prescriptions, $500 in cash, credit cards, and Leukopenia medication were all in her purse, along with sentimental items.

"I had a photo of my mom when she was like 14 years old being raised by the nuns. That sort of stuff that is irreplaceable," Kai said.

The Aurora Police Department took a report and have been working with King Soopers staff to get surveillance footage.

"It's just crazy, you know? To me it's just unbelievable that the whole thing happened," Kai said.

In the meantime, Kai doesn't want to press charges.

"I want to plead with him to just mail me back the stuff. I have a PO box, and he should be able to see that, or mail it to the address on the license," Kai said.

APD has yet to release details on the suspect's description.