Coyotes Killed In Broomfield Neighborhood

9 Put Down After Attacks On Kids

State wildlife officials have killed nine coyotes in Broomfield in the past two months following attacks on children.

Jennifer Churchill, spokeswoman for the Division of Parks and Wildlife, said the department has killed the coyotes either through shooting or by trapping. She added the department took the aggressive approach after two small children were attacked while walking in open spaces with their parents.

"We don't want to tolerate that kind of behavior," Churchill said.

Churchill said wildlife officers have killed seven coyotes since Aug. 18.

Recent attacks include boys ages 6 and 2 being bitten in separate incidents in July and August. Both were on walks with their father. A mother was able to scare away a coyote that threatened her 4-year-old boy who was playing in the front yard.

"We were really seeing a pattern of behavior with the animals out there," Churchill said. "And whether it was one or several, that's behavior we don't want replicated by other coyotes"

City of Broomfield officials are also trimming tall grass from along trails to remove hiding places and shooting coyotes with paintball guns to make them wary of human contact.

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