Court Briefs: Man Wants Prison Term For Stealing Panties

A man convicted of stealing women's undergarments after breaking into their homes has asked for, and received, a prison sentence.

Officials had recommended probation for 40-year-old Steven Quatkemeyer, but the defendant asked a district judge to put him behind bars.

The judge obliged, and ordered Quatkemeyer to serve four years behind bars.

“I apologize to the families affected from the bottom of my heart,” said Quatkemeyer, 40. “After a couple of weeks of incarceration, I realized what I had done was very wrong.”

He had pleaded guilty to a felony stalking count, plus two counts of felony burglary. Prosecutors dropped a number of misdemeanors and six other felony counts in exchange for the guilty pleas.

Police captured Quatkemeyer after a victim whose home had been repeatedly broken into installed a video security system.

Quatkemeyer said a methamphetamine addiction led him to his clandestine life of stealing, then wearing, women’s underwear.

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