Couple In Ramsey Murder Case Want Apology

Fleet, Priscilla White Get Exoneration Letter, But Want More

A Boulder couple who were at JonBenet Ramsey's home when her body was discovered got a letter reaffirming they are not suspects in the unsolved case, but they still want an apology.

Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy said Thursday no apology is necessary because Fleet and Priscilla White have never been considered more than key witnesses to the crime. The letter is dated Sept. 12.

"I am writing to reaffirm that you are not suspects in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey," Lacy wrote. “My office has been solely responsible for this case since December 2002. Since that date, I am not aware of any person associated with this office making any comment referring to any member of the Fleet White family as a suspect in this murder or otherwise suggesting any change to the conclusion in Chief Koby’s statement that you are only key witnesses.”

The 6-year-old Ramsey was found dead in her home on Dec. 26, 1996.

In July, Lacey publicly exonerated JonBenet's family, saying she was sorry for the years of suspicion they endured. The apology came after she said DNA found on JonBenet's clothes belonged to an outsider, vindicating the Ramseys.

Lacy said the Whites have asked her for years for public exoneration, saying it has been difficult for Fleet White to get a job because of speculation they were involved in the crime. The Whites say they were defamed during the investigation.

They said they still want an apology from Lacy and even mailed Lacy a copy of the text they preferred she use in an apology, she said.

"I tried to do them a favor, but obviously it wasn't enough," Lacy said.

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