Councilman Sells Home For Twice Property Tax Value

Assessor Says Reducing Home Value 'Unfortunate'

Boulder City Councilman Macon Cowles sold his Boulder home for $1.57 million.

That's more than twice the $700,000 he asked the county assessor to value his home at in 2009, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

The assessor set the value at $835,000.

"Like every other property owner, I seek a lower value placed on my home for purpose of property taxes, but a higher value placed on my home for the purpose of selling it," Cowles wrote in an e-mail to the newspaper.

Last year, Boulder County Assessor Jerry Roberts acknowledged that his office had potentially undervalued Cowles' home by as much as $1 million, meaning the councilman's tax bill was roughly half of what it would have been.

Read more in the Boulder Daily Camera.

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