Coroner's Staffers Fear Last Day Is Here

New Adams County Boss Ready To 'Clean House'

On her first day as newly elected Adams County coroner, Monica Broncucia-Jordan told 7NEWS she'll ask nine staffers Thursday to re-apply in order to keep their jobs.

"It's not what I preferred. I was hoping to keep this a little bit more private, but here we are," Broncucia-Jordan said. "It's my intent to open up their positions for application."

It's a big turnaround for Broncucia-Jordan, who herself was fired by former coroner Jim Hibbard in 2009.

In a federal lawsuit filed by attorney David Lane in March of 2010, she alleges retaliation for her role as a witness in another female staffer's sexual harassment claim against Hibbard and another male supervisor.

"I don't have any specific issues with any specific individuals. This is my way of evaluating the staff and making sure that the best services are provided to the citizens of Adams County," Broncucia-Jordan said.

Staffers told 7NEWS they got an ominous warning Monday.

"Our computer access was blocked and our key cards to get in the building were disconnected," said Victoria Verderosa, asked if she felt caught in a battle between the former and current coroner. "Absolutely. I had no idea getting into this field would be so political and so personal."

She and 7 of the 9 women summoned to Thursday's staff meeting met for lunch Wednesday, and told 7News they'd been with the office from between 6 months and 3 years and had heard Broncucia-Jordan had told others about concerns over their qualifications.

"She's never worked with us in any capacity. So I'm not quite sure what she's referring to unless she's just referring to our ex-boss (Hibbard)," Verderosa said. "Anybody that had been associated with him is gone."