What you need to know about wearing a mask in Denver and where to find one

Posted at 5:53 PM, May 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 20:55:48-04

DENVER -- As the city and county of Denver prepare to implement an public health order requiring residents to wear a mask when they leave their home, many people say they are hard to come by.

The Colorado Mask Project has resources and information available for you, whether you want to make a mask or buy one locally.

A quick Google search will return dozens of small businesses selling masks. Retailers like Target are also offering affordable options.

Whether you make your own or buy a mask, doctors say the more layers, the better.

“The more dense the cloth, the better it is going to perform,” said Dr. Jason Kelly, the Chief Medical Officer at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree. “Things that are tightly knit with a higher thread count are going to make better masks.”

A CDC study found sweatshirts and towels make the best homemade masks.

Research shows just two layers of a bandana only blocked around 18% of particles. While four layers of a pillow case were 58% effective against particles.

Those N95 masks you see health care workers wearing are 95% effective.

Whatever mask you wear should fit snugly against your face and cover both your nose and mouth.

Those who wear glasses say a mask causes them to fog up.

“You need a pretty good seal around your nose; a lot of surgeons will put a little piece of tape to prevent your glasses from fogging up,” Dr. Kelly said.

Dr. Kelly said masks can be a magnet for the very germs we are trying to shield ourselves from so it’s critical to wash your hands often.

“Hand hygiene whenever you are taking the mask on or off or even touching the mask is really critical to preventing you inoculating yourself with the virus,” Dr. Kelly said.