Controversial School Board Member Reports Death Threats

Reese Filed Police Report

Controversial Greeley-Evans school board member Brett Reese filed a report with police Friday that said he is getting death threats, according to the Greeley Tribune.

Reese said the death threats started after he started reading a letter daily on his radio station, KELS-FM, that called Martin Luther King Jr. a "plastic god," a "sexual degenerate," and "an America hating communist." Reese said the comments came from anonymous letter. Others said it appears to have come verbatim from a website with links to a white supremacist group.

Reese told police at least one threat came through e-mail, and others have come from the Denver PostÂ’s website.

Reese told the Tribune that the King editorial would stop at the end of the day Monday, the day the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is observed.

Last week, Reese told fellow school board members he wants to carry a gun to meetings. Members told Reese they are uncomfortable with the idea. The Board of Education has a special meeting scheduled for Thursday to vote on a policy that would ban weapons from all district property, in district vehicles and at district-sponsored activities.