Controversial Greeley-Evans School Board Member Resigns

Brett Reese Attacked MLK, Brought Gun To Meeting

Controversial Greeley-Evans School District 6 board member Brett Reese has resigned, according to the Greeley Gazette.

The newspaper said Reese sent them a letter announcing his resignation.

Last January, Reese started broadcasting an attack on Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on his radio station.

In the broadcast, Reese read what he called "a listener's letter" on 104.7 FM Pirate radio that called the slain civil rights leader a sexual degenerate, a communist and modern-day plastic god.

However, the website said a similar letter criticizing King had been circulating since 2003.

"I guess, personally, I believe in the message, the general message of what this letter is about," Reese said.

Gun Controversy

Reese threatened to carry his concealed weapon to board meetings after his life was threatened over the King message. Days later, a judge permanently revoked Reese's concealed weapons permit after Reese allegedly threatened a business competitor.

Sexual Harassment Allegations

In May 2011, the school board issued a unanimous censure condemning the "contemptuous" conduct of Reese after he was accused of sexually harassing a teacher and repeatedly being under the influence of alcohol at board meetings.

Reese denied the allegations.

The strongly-worded censure resolution blasted Reese's conduct, and said that since his November 2009 election Reese's behavior has been disruptive and detrimental to the board and the district's educational mission and a "violation of the public trust."

"Mr. Reese has engaged in a pattern of behavior toward his fellow board members, district staff, members of the public, and others which is demeaning, disruptive, contemptuous and unproductive," the censure said.


The Greeley Gazette printed Reese's entire resignation letter. Read it here.

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