Rat-infested Lakewood home set to be exterminated after Contact7 report

Contact7 gets results after problem brought up
Posted at 8:11 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-23 00:50:23-04

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- An exterminator started setting the first traps at a rat infested home in Lakewood, after a Contact7 story sparked change for neighbors who were pleading for help.

“The exterminator said he’s never seen that many rats in a residence before,” next door neighbor Jenna Mountain said.

Contact7 first ran a story about the house on South Lee Street in Lakewood on Saturday. Rats could easily be seen all over the backyard, by the gutter, and even on the roof.

“I’ve never smelled anything quite as bad as that in my life,” one neighbor who did not want to be identified said.

On Monday the City of Lakewood became involved. Two days later, code enforcement officers inspected the home. Friday was the start of the extermination.

“It has fiberglass in it so it basically tears up their insides,” the Edge Pest Control employee told Denver7.

The city basically shut down the home because of the presence of rats. They “strongly encouraged” the homeowner to sign contract with a pest control company. She will be responsible for the bill.

Paula Dieckman is listed on the home’s property records. She was at the home on Friday and Contact7 tried to get answers from her. She ran away and hid behind her car.

“No, no,” she said.

Neighbors were generally happy that an exterminator was on site and that the situation was on its way to being resolved, but there was some hesitation.

“I would say some movement in the fact that rats are going to start eating bait and dying but the odor is not going to get any better,” Jenna Mountain said. “Because we’re just going to get an increased number of dead rats that are going to smell.”

“I hope they can control them over there and keep them from coming over to this side or we’ll have real problems,” the neighbor who lives across the street added.

The process will also take some time. The exterminator told neighbors it could vary from a few weeks to multiple months. The City of Lakewood is planning on overseeing what happens at the home.