Dumpster Drama: Woman asks to get dumpsters moved from front of her home

Posted at 10:04 PM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 00:30:06-04

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AURORA, Colo -- Overflowing, roll-off dumpsters have been parked in front of an Aurora woman's home for almost two weeks, and no one would help.

So, she reached out to Contact7, our commitment to advocate for you, and we worked to get results.

In Jeanette VanCleave's front yard, everyone loves to stop and smell the roses, but lately, the roses aren't what they smell.

"Yeah! Wonder why I'm angry?!" she said, pointing at an overflowing dumpster parked right in front of her front porch. "You can't even see my porch! My beautiful white porch."

On May 18, the Foxridge Farm Mobile Home Community near Aurora hosted a spring clean-up weekend with a dozen roll-off dumpsters, but for some reason, when the rest of the dumpsters rolled off, two stayed... and stayed and stayed.

Neighbors are concerned about rats and about other issues the dumpsters are attracting.

"Our window is right there, and we hear people getting in the dumpster, pulling stuff out of the dumpsters, throwing stuff in the dumpsters and we hear this all night long," said VanCleave.

It has been almost two weeks, and she said no one would give her any answers, so she reached out to Contact7 for help.

The property managers told us the problem was the excess trash spilling out of the dumpsters. They couldn't move them until it was cleaned up, but people keep throwing more in every time they clean it up.  Less than an hour after the call, a crew came to pick up the overflowing trash. The company said the dumpsters will be gone Thursday.

"Man! That's a lot better," said VanCleave with a smile.