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Community rallies together to help little girl who lost her doll after Rockies game

Posted at 3:40 PM, Jun 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 20:47:19-04

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DENVER — A week after a little girl lost her beloved doll in the back of a pedicab in Denver, she once again has a doll (and more) thanks to the generosity of the community.

Nine-year-old Clare left her doll, named Layla, in the pedicab after a Rockies game. The doll wasn’t found, but enough attention was generated from the Denver7 story, that many felt the need to help.

“I think people care in this community,” Clare’s mom said. “They wanted to rally around someone who needs help and turn something positive out of this.”

On Tuesday, Clare was presented with a new doll at the American Girl store in Lone Tree. Local pedicabber Gene Niess also presented the girl with a baby doll carrier and gift card to the store, crowdfunded from pedicabbers across Denver.

“We had 20 different pedicabbers pitch in to help the situation. We have a big heart in our community and we wanted to show that,” he said.

Another mom, who had never met Clare, also saw the story and wanted to do something. Janet Damon presented the girl with several books and spending money to buy clothes or accessories for her new doll.

“It matters to see a child get that magic. That you’re cared for, you’re loved in this community,” she said.

Clare’s mom said she was overwhelmed by the generosity.

“The outpouring of support. So much negativity is out there, it’s been so nice to see positive reactions from strangers,“ she said.

“I’m happy,” Clare said shyly.

The 9 year old wasn’t extremely talkative, but did show the occasional smile. Her mom hopes that the past week will stay with her daughter.

“I hope she always remembers that kindness that people showed to her,” her mom said.

Clare did have one thing to say to the people that responded when they heard about her lost doll, and to those who stepped up to replace it.

“Thank you."