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"My home is destroyed:" Sewage backup in Golden trailer park destroys house

Kelly Salazar's home overflowing with sewage backup
Sewer line work for Kelly Salazar's home
Posted at 9:55 PM, Feb 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 10:09:19-05

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GOLDEN, Colo. — Everything Kelly Salazar owns is now destroyed — her mobile home covered in toxic waste.

"It is more than four walls. This is my Dad’s home. This was the memories that we had with him, and its just all we had left," Salazar said tearfully. "It's gone now, and it's not fair."

Her home now sits under inches of sewer backup. She said it could have been prevented. Her toilets have been backing up for a week, but the management company she pays to rent the land her house sits on failed to respond in time.

"It's still everything that we have [in] the whole world, and it's all gone now," Salazar said. "I want this company to understand and know what they've taken from me and my daughter."

On Friday, the toilet began to leak. RHP Management told her it would be days before they could get a plumber to the scene.

"It started as just a very minor backup. It was just the toilet," Salazar said. "Since Friday, it very quickly escalated and tub, sinks and everything."

Most of the home is now covered in sewer waste. Most of her furniture and belongings are ruined.

"The health department's telling me that it's conceivable it'll be condemned when they come out," Salazar said.

Denver7 Gives has helped Salazar find temporary housing and food for the week, but she is unsure where she will go next as her home sinks into the sewer.

"We're people. We're humans here. We have families. We have lives," Salazar said. "And I wouldn't want or wish this on anyone else, ever."


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