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Greeley family battling COVID-19 in need of financial support to secure permanent housing

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Posted at 9:48 PM, Apr 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-01 01:05:23-04

GREELEY, Colo. — A Greeley family of five will soon be living in a hotel room after a failed attempt to purchase the home they've been renting. Now, they only have days left to move out.

"It was two days ago that we got the phone call from the property manager that he wants us out by Monday," Antonio Rogers said.

Rogers, born and raised in Greeley, is now a father of three. He and his wife have been renting their Greeley residence for four years.

In January, they were notified the owner wanted to sell the property. Rogers said he and his wife immediately tried to get things in in order, but processes have been delayed.

"My thoughts are just that the owner can't wait to sell this home. He can't wait for us to get approved for the loan — can't wait for my wife to get approved for her disability," Rogers said.

In addition to the looming deadline the family now faces, Rogers, his wife and three daughters are all battling COVID-19.

His wife is experiencing a severe case.

"My wife is in a negative pressure room at the UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, and she's not doing well," Rogers said. "They're saying that there's possibly damage to her lungs, and she may not fully recover."

While Rogers and his daughters endure less severe cases of COVID-19, their energy levels are still very low as they pack up their belongings.

"I'm very grateful and thankful for my daughters — very strong little girls — but we're tired. We're supposed to be resting and getting better, but we don't have that luxury right now," Rogers said.

Weld County has stepped up to help the family.

"So today, social services was able to help us get a motel room for the next 30 days," Rogers said.

Neighbors are also trying to gather support.

"Good family, good upbringing, kids are adorable. Tony and Regina, they've had a couple of hits." said Eddie Psotta, a family neighbor for the past four years.

"I just want my wife to come back home. We all miss her very much," Rogers said. "We just want to be able to be at peace, you know, and enjoy the time in our home that we thought we were going to be able to do here."

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