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92-year-old Denver woman in need of place to live after being evicted

Posted at 10:00 PM, Aug 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-11 11:44:32-04

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DENVER -- Much of Evelyn Castle's life now sits in boxes, as she prepares for a move she doesn't want to make.

Castle has been taking care of people almost all of her 92 years on earth.

"I used to take in sick, homeless, disabled people for social services," Evelyn said.

Including a man named Eddie, who has special needs. Castle has been caring for Eddie for 37 years. She also has a service dog, Daisy. Without Eddie and Daisy, Castle would be alone in her Denver home.

"I’ve had a hard life. I’ve buried all of my children, five of them. My husband, I found him dead," Castle said.

She moved to the home where she currently lives after the death of her husband. It's where she planned to live the rest of her days, until she was told in July she had to get out so the owner of the house could renovate the property.

"I didn’t do nothing wrong to get evicted. I paid my rent on time 14 years. It’s just, he wants his house," Castle said.

Like many of the homes in the area, Castle's house will be getting a new look. She says the property owner gave her until the 15th but has been working with her to extend the lease as needed while she finds somewhere else to live.

"I like this neighborhood, but I don’t have no friends so it doesn’t matter," Castle said, when asked where she'd like to move to.

Castle also said she can afford around $2,000 in rent paid through Section 8 housing assistance. However, she has struggled to find somewhere that fits her very few needs.

"I need a little yard for my dog, washer and dryer and no stairs," she said.

While Castle has grandchildren in the area, at her age, she doesn't want to rely on them for a place to stay.

"I’m independent. I want to live on my own," Castle said.

Denver Housing Authority says because of the urgency to move out, she may not qualify for many programs but they did send Denver7 some options which were forward to Castle.

If you would like to help Evelyn, you can contact her family member Amy by clicking here.