Computer Glitch Causing Online Voter Registration Errors

Voters Who Have Updated Driver's License Information Since April, May Find Error Message Online

A computer glitch is causing problems for voters wanting to update or verify their information online.

The Colorado Secretary of State website allows voters to update their address, change their party affiliation and choose to be a permanent mail-in ballot recipient. However, if your driver's license or state ID record has changed since a new computer system was installed in April, you may not be able to access your record online.

7NEWS asked Secretary of State spokesman Rich Coolidge if this was another statewide computer system not working properly.

"The system works fine, there is a specific glitch that we're working to overcome," said Coolidge. "It's searching for your record at the Department of Revenue. What we need to do is match up your driver's license number with the signature on file and the driver's license number at the Department of Revenue. At this point it's a computer communication issue that we're working through, we've identified a resolution."

The way Coolidge explained the problem by using a spreadsheet as an analogy.

He said to picture a database that has your driver's license number attached to your name, address and signature. That signature is used to verify voters are who they say they are.

According to Coolidge, since April, if you updated your driver's license or state ID information (possibly an address change) or even got a speeding ticket, a new line is created in that database, but that line doesn't include your signature. When a voter types their driver's license number or state ID number in the voter registration database, that database matches up with a record that doesn't include a copy of your signature, therefore prompting an error.

"Anybody that's updated their registration will now have something in the way of the signature that we're trying to get to," said Coolidge.

When the system doesn't recognize the driver's license or ID number, the following error message is shown:

"We were unable to locate a Co Dept of Revenue record that matches the information entered. If you think you made an error, try again or complete a paper voter registration form

7NEWS wanted to know if fixing the error would be expensive.

"No, we're working through that issue right now in cooperation with the Department of Revenue and their vendor," said Coolidge. "We're not spending any money through consultants to do this. This is part of the upkeep of the system."

A spokesman with the Department of Revenue was unaware of a computer issue. He could not verify the information provided by the Secretary of State's office.

Monday is a deadline to register as a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian to vote in the August 10 primaries. Party affiliation is required to vote in that party's primary, but is not required for the November general election.