Commerce City Sees Spike In Burglaries

Police Believe Burglars Are High-School-Age Boys

Commerce City police are warning residents to lock their doors and leave their indoor lights on after several subdivisions were recently hit by teenage burglars.

The Belle Creek, the Dunes, Reunion, Southlawn, and Eaglecreek subdivisions have seen a spike in burglaries, Commerce City Lt. Chuck Saunier said Monday. There have been 11 burglaries in the past month, Saunier said.

The burglars generally enter a home by prying a back door or garage door. Once inside they rummage bedrooms, looking for jewelry, money, laptops and small game electronics, police said. A 42-inch TV and a 32-inch TV are just some of the items that have been stolen, Saunier said.

Most of the burglaries occur between 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. when the residents are away at work. Police believe the burglars are high-school-age boys who are driving a white Astro Van with bumper damage.

Saunier reminded residents to be vigilant in making sure that their garage, exterior doors and windows are locked when leaving their home. Also, it's a good idea to leave an exterior and interior light on and have music or the TV playing when no one is home, Saunier said.

If you suspect that someone has been in your home, get out of your house immediately and dial 911.

"We are asking that you phone 911 if you see suspicious people or vehicles in your area. Please do not hesitate to call," Saunier said.

If you see someone suspicious, write down the person's description, age and clothing. It is also important to note if the person is alone or with others. If the person is in a vehicle, write down the vehicle description, license plate and anything unique about the vehicle. Be ready to give this information to the police dispatcher and officers when they arrive. If the people or vehicle leave the area, tell the dispatcher the direction they are traveling.

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