Commerce City Considers Pit Bull Ban

Commerce City Ban Would Allow Current Residents To Keep Dogs

Yet another Colorado city is proposing a ban on pit bulls.

Commerce City Council members voted in favor of the ban Monday night. The ban would be similar to Denver's strict ban on pit bulls but one difference is that Commerce City's ban would allow current pit bull owners in the city to keep their dogs, as long as they register the dog and comply with strict conditions regarding insuring the dog and securing it behind a cement-reinforced chain-link fence.

The ban could pass as early as next week. Commerce City's mayor suggested that the council take up the "emergency" resolution, and make the ban take effect as soon as possible because he didn't want pit bull owners from Denver and Aurora to relocate to the city.

"I don't want to see these dogs piling in here and getting to stay here," said Mayor Sean Ford. "They've been shown to be malicious, bad-type animals."

Meanwhile, about 200 pit bull lovers rallied in front of Aurora's City Hall Monday night to protest the city's possible ban.

Aurora is investigating an ordinance similar to Denver's. A city hearing is scheduled for Aug. 9 to discuss the matter.

Veterinary technician Joanna Steffen said she doesn't think one dog breed is any more aggressive than others. She said owners should be educated instead of banning the dogs.

Aurora's animal-care division spokeswoman Cheryl Conway said she's received e-mails and phone calls from both supporters and opponents of a possible ban.

Since Denver won a court fight and reinstated its pit-bull ban on May 9, hundreds of dogs have been impounded and more than 260 destroyed.

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