Truck dumps river rock, damaging at least 7 cars, injuring one person on I-25 in Colorado Springs

1 driver hospitalized

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A truck dumped several tons of river rock on I-25 in Colorado Springs Thursday afternoon, damaging several vehicles and sending one injured person to the hospital.

The commercial truck spread rocks as large as four inches in diameter over one-quarter mile of the highway, shutting northbound lanes for two hours, police said. One southbound lane was also affected.

Highway workers used snowplows to push the rocks to the side of the interstate.

At least seven vehicles were damaged by the spill and one person was transported to the hospital with injuries, said police.

The truck driver, who was not hurt, was cited for a spilled load violation and released, said police, adding that the driver could face other charges.

KRDO-TV reported at the rocks were dumped by a truck owned by Pioneer Rock Company.


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