Loved ones remember three killed in Colorado Springs on Halloween with vigil

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - More than 200 people attended a candlelight vigil Sunday night in Colorado Springs to honor the victims of a mass shooting on the streets near downtown on Halloween morning.

A man armed with an AR 15 and a handgun shot and killed three people before police opened fire on him. He died in that shootout.

Witness: Gunman who killed 3 moved 'calmly'

Police still aren’t releasing the names of the suspect or the shooting victims, but Denver7 has confirmed one of the victims is Jennifer Vasquez of Colorado Springs.

“She was always there. That was my aunt,” said Omar Navarro. “We just had dinner with her Friday night.”

“This affects the whole community,” said Jennifer Pocock who lives in the neighborhood where the shootings happened. “This was one of those senseless, random acts of violence that we see all over the nation.”

“We all lost something yesterday. But no one more than the families and the close friends of those who died,” said another neighbor attending the candlelight vigil.

“She was a wonderful woman,” said Eloy Navarro, cousin-in-law of one of the victims. “They had two beautiful daughters. We can’t understand why and when it’s going to stop.”

Police say the gunman set fire to his home Saturday morning, then went on a rampage through the streets near his home, killing two women in a front yard and a man on a bicycle near an alley.

“We heard boom, boom,” said witness Teresa Willingham. “My son jumped up, looked out the window and said, ‘Mommy - someone just fell off their bike.’ So, I knew he was deceased.”

“He was walking, saw the lady smoking a cigarette and just bam, bam. Fired and kept walking,” said witness Matthew Abshire.

Several residents also expressed disappointment, dismay and confusion at the City of Colorado Springs’ silence on the shootings up to this point.

“Just kind of surprised and shocked at the silence about it really,” said Pocock. “Where is the conversation about this? I wonder when the city is going to make a statement about it to be honest with you. It would be nice just to hear from a city leader.”


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